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The journey to write a book starts

Since 2015, I’ve been engaged in a master of science degree (MSc) program for information systems management, as a distance learning student. In the course of my study, I became exposed to a variety of different course topics, and steadily, the desire to document my life-long experiences grew. Within the period I started my master thesis, I decided it was time to write a book.

When I began writing my book, I thought first about possible topics, my key competencies and I must admit, it was a long, meandering process. First, i started by defining a table of contents, while also trying to structure my thoughts and topics. Initially, i had a long, winding title which I later restructured and is being used now as a sub title.

Book Release: IT Governance at Amazon

Book Release: IT Governance at Amazon

After intensive work over the past 6 months, I am excited to announce the official book launch of “IT Governance – How to Reduce Costs and Improve Data Quality through the Implementation of IT Governance”. Organisations generally look for benefits in harmonising data, but owing to external and internal factors, harmonisation isn’t an easy task. Optimisation cannot be done simply…

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