Part 1 – Introduction to Data Management

Part 1 – Introduction to Data Management

The book IT Governance, available at Amazon, consists of 9 Parts. At the beginning the foreword, abtract and preface setting the scope of the book and providing some insights about the author and the book.

Part 1 of the book IT Governance is mainly about setting the scene and the scope of the book. Most importantly the following research question will be introduced and linked to all chapter within this book, so the reader could jump immediately into the areas that he/she is intereseted in:

  1. What is master data management or master data governance, and where does it come from?
  2. What are the business drivers and challenges of implementing global data governance?
  3. Why are policy definition, architecture classification, and modelling important for master data governance?
  4. How does a company implement and govern global data governance?
  5. What needs to be considered to measure the costs and realise cost savings?

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ITG-IT Governance Part 1
ITG-IT Governance Part 1

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